Gum Disease A Major Contributing Risk To Stroke

A recent new study has determined that gum disease is one of the major contributing causes of stroke. This study was presented in detail at the 89th International Association for Dental Research in San Diego, California.
The study has proven that gum disease is as much of a contributing factor to stroke as diabetes and high blood pressure. Along with alcohol abuse, smoking , and obesity which have been considered high risk factors of stroke for years.
How Does Gum Disease Contribute To Stroke?
There are several ways in which Gum Disease and poor dental hygiene can contribute to the risk of having a stroke. It has been discovered that chronic gum infection can sometimes cause a reduced blood flow to the brain, which in turn can cause a stroke.
Another way that gum disease can contribute to risk of having a stroke is by root canal infections. When a person has a root canal infection the bone surrounding the teeth becomes infected and allows bacteria into the blood supply. The bacteria causes plaque to build on arteries and that causes a stroke.
Even chewing when a person has gum infections can allow bacteria to enter into the blood stream, which in the end can cause a stroke. The recent study has proven that people who have gum disease or infection are two times more likely to have a stroke than a person who doesn’t have gum disease or infection.
People have known for years the other major causes of stroke and have worked to prevent stroke by eating better and taking better care of there bodies. Lets hope that this study will be the beginning of better dental health care for everyone.

Dr. Zahedi

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